* Razvan Caracas


* Natalia Solomatova, post-doc: volatiles in the protolunar disk
* Ema Bobocioiu, researcher: vibrational spectra of atomic clusters; electronic properties of melts

PhD students:

* Anais Kobsch, Supercritical state in the silicate systems, expected graduation in 2020
* Zhi Li, Supercritical state in the iron-based alloys, expected graduation in 2020

Master students:

* Anais Kobsch, Feldspars in the supercritical state, graduated in 2017

Undergraduate students:

* Helene Plihon, Volatiles in the protolunar disk, 2018

Close collaborators:

* Sarah H. Stewart and her group at UC Davis
* Francois Soubiran, ENS Lyon
* Cerasela Calugaru, Centre Blaise Pascal, ENS Lyon

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