* Razvan Caracas


* Natalia Solomatova, post-doc: volatiles in the protolunar disk
* Mandy Bethgenhagen, post-doc: interatomic potentials, volatiles
* Ema Bobocioiu, researcher: vibrational spectra of atomic clusters; electronic properties of melts
* Tim Bogels, PhD student, Supercritical state in the simplified Mg-Fe-Si-O system, expected graduation in 2022
* Anais Kobsch, PhD student, Supercritical state in the silicate systems, expected graduation in 2020
* Zhi Li, PhD student, Supercritical state in the iron-based alloys, expected graduation in 2020
* Renata Brandelli Schaan, PhD student, Behavior of volatiles during the Giant Impact, expected graduation in 2021


* Anais Kobsch, Master student, Feldspars in the supercritical state, graduated in 2017
* Helene Plihon, Undergraduate student, Volatiles in the protolunar disk, 2018

Close collaborators:

* Sarah H. Stewart and her group at UC Davis
* Francois Soubiran, ENS Lyon
* Cerasela Calugaru, Centre Blaise Pascal, ENS Lyon


  • PhD opening “Characterization of the supercritical state of major rock-forming silicate minerals by ab initio molecular dynamics simulations and implications for the evolution of the protolunar disk”. Please apply here. 
  • Postdoctoral opening “Exploring the behavior of volatiles during the Giant Impact from ab initio molecular dynamics simulations”. Please apply here.
MoonImpact is supported by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (grant agreement n°681818). PI: Razvan Caracas @ CNRS, ENS de Lyon
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