A PhysOrg article about the Moon formation from the Giant Impact (February 2019).

A News Flash from ENS de Lyon on the poster prize won by Anais Kobsch at the Planet Formation workshop in Rostock (February 2019)

A Press release from the Deep Carbon Observatory website and a News Flash from the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, about our study on the carbon polymerization with carbon, silicon and iron in the deep Magma Ocean (February, 2019)

A Radio Show at the Radio Romania Cultural, about the Romanian Diaspora (November 16th, 2017).

First crops in space !! This is absolutely amazing. When we will be millions to live in orbit or on the Moon, we should remember these first radishes !@CEEDOslo @obslyon @ENSdeLyon @ERC_Research

Time is ripe to apply for the PhD opening on hydrogen diffusion in the mantle!

Open letter to the Editor-in-Chief of @NatureComms about the AlShebli paper, which claims that training with #WomenInSTEM damages the careers of young scientists

Corrections under way for the Computational #mineral #physics #book @ERC_Research @CEEDOslo @ENSdeLyon @INSU_CNRS @CORDIS_EU @obslyon

PhD positions 1. Computational Modelling of Hydrogen Diffusion in Upper Mantle Silicates
2. Computational Modelling of Anisotropic Viscosity for Mantle Convection @r_caracas

While preparing the #MoonImpact #exhibition @muzeulartabv a short stopover to see an amazing display on #womeninscience #WomenInSTEM @CEEDOslo @obslyon @ENSdeLyon @CORDIS_EU @theAGU @ERC_Research

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