A PhysOrg article about the Moon formation from the Giant Impact (February 2019).

A News Flash from ENS de Lyon on the poster prize won by Anais Kobsch at the Planet Formation workshop in Rostock (February 2019)

A Press release from the Deep Carbon Observatory website and a News Flash from the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, about our study on the carbon polymerization with carbon, silicon and iron in the deep Magma Ocean (February, 2019)

A Radio Show at the Radio Romania Cultural, about the Romanian Diaspora (November 16th, 2017).

Announcement of the "BUFFET" workshop (Sept 27-29 2021 - online) to discuss model intercomparisons in the context of (exo)planets. Please indicate your interest on --> one small step for gastronomy, one giant leap for reproducibility (or vice versa idk)

How to communicate about your #EUfunded project with #impact?

Check out our #tips on how to:
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🔶Display the #EU emblem 🇪🇺
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The future of Europe will be largely shaped by how it performs in Research and Innovation.

@ERC_Research calls on scientists and all those who believe in the positive power of science to make your voices heard 🇪🇺

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It’s our namesake’s birthday week! To celebrate, we’ll be sharing stories about Vera Rubin all week long leading up to her birthday on July 23.

Do you have fun stories or memories about Vera Rubin? Share them this week using #BirthdayVeraRubin. We can’t wait to hear them!

Merci Luis Popa @MuzeulAntipa for hosting the #MoonImpact #exhibition @CORDIS_EU @ERC_Research @CEEDOslo @ENSdeLyon

Visit the #MoonImpact #exhibition @MuzeulAntipa till January 16th, 2022 !! @CORDIS_EU @ERC_Research @CEEDOslo @ENSdeLyon


Very nice opening #MoonImpact exhibition @MuzeulAntipa with several remarkable personalities @researchgovro @rospaceagency @CORDIS_EU @ERC_Research @CEEDOslo @ENSdeLyon

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