In Earth’s Magma Ocean, Carbon Chemistry Got Complicated: new work from @Solomatova_NV, @r_caracas, and Craig Manning out today in @NatureComms

How to use Twitter to further your research career

Students and postdocs of the #ERC #IMPACT group from @ENSdeLyon @obslyon atending @cecamEvents workshop on correlated electrons.

YES. We need more storytelling in science to emphasize the playful, creative process. Storytelling humanizes scientists and helps others understands how mistakes/misunderstandings are part of process. Example: Paul Steinhardt is telling great stories …

Congratulations Natalia Solomatova for the ⁦@AGU_MRP⁩ GRA award !!

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ERC Impact Project. PI: Razvan Caracas @ CNRS, ENS de Lyon
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