A PhysOrg article about the Moon formation from the Giant Impact (February 2019).

A News Flash from ENS de Lyon on the poster prize won by Anais Kobsch at the Planet Formation workshop in Rostock (February 2019)

A Press release from the Deep Carbon Observatory website and a News Flash from the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, about our study on the carbon polymerization with carbon, silicon and iron in the deep Magma Ocean (February, 2019)

A Radio Show at the Radio Romania Cultural, about the Romanian Diaspora (November 16th, 2017).

A one-year lecturer position (ATER) is open at the Department-Lab of Chemistry at @ENSdeLyon -- deadline of application Feb. 10th @LcEnsl

Sometimes we just take some things for granted while others have a really hard time @ERC_Research @CEEDOslo @ENSdeLyon @CORDIS_EU @INSU_CNRS

INSU organizes a series of workshops about perspectives in Earth sciences. Accretion and early earth is in Nice @INSU_CNRS @ENSdeLyon @obslyon OSU up in the background

On the way home after racing in the airport to catch the next flight from the #MoonImpact #exhibition @CEEDOslo @ENSdeLyon @INSU_CNRS @ERC_Research @CORDIS_EU

All the textbook (really!) reconstructions of humanoid fossils are males. Lena rightfully protests @CORDIS_EU @ERC_Research @CEEDOslo @ENSdeLyon #MonImpact #exhibition

So much empty space, hosting half of our #MoonImpact #exhibition @CEEDOslo @ENSdeLyon @ERC_Research @CNRS @INSU_CNRS

Selecting #Mesozoic fossils for Room4 evolution of minerals vs life in the #MoonImpact #exhibition @CEEDOslo @ENSdeLyon @CORDIS_EU @ERC_Research

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