A PhysOrg article about the Moon formation from the Giant Impact (February 2019).

A News Flash from ENS de Lyon on the poster prize won by Anais Kobsch at the Planet Formation workshop in Rostock (February 2019)

A Press release from the Deep Carbon Observatory website and a News Flash from the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, about our study on the carbon polymerization with carbon, silicon and iron in the deep Magma Ocean (February, 2019)

A Radio Show at the Radio Romania Cultural, about the Romanian Diaspora (November 16th, 2017).

A student asked me what job they could have at NASA and be able to buy a Lamborghini. Yep, that was a really Q.

I said = None, but I know people who could design one.

3 (three!) papers submitted this week on a variety of topics @CEEDOslo @INSU_CNRS @ENSdeLyon @Astranais @MineralToPlanet

An asteroid and its moon just passed Earth a few days ago @ERC_Research @INSU_CNRS @CEEDOslo

Scientific Colour Maps.🎨
Version 6

#usebatlow #endrainbow
#scientificvisualisation #visualisation #colors
#opensource #accessibility

Full light dispersion not far away from our offices @ENSdeLyon @CEEDOslo a nice change from all the construction work around

This demonstrates the dieseling effect in clear ballistic gel. This is where a substance ignites from the effects of pressure. Credits Hackaday. Com

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